How To Recognize If My Roof System Has Problems?

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What Are The Most Common Roofing Problems?

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It protects your home from the heat, the rain, and other elements, and it plays a critical role in your home’s energy efficiency. Your roof can also be one of the most expensive components of your home to repair or replace. Getting a certified roof inspection regularly can help you identify problems before they require big repairs or cause other problems for your home.

Recognizing what some of the most common roofing problems are can help you identify some of the earliest signs so that you can call in the professionals quickly. Getting attention for your roof quickly can ensure that the damage does not spread to other parts of your roof or to other parts of your home. You’ll save money and you’ll protect your family.

Here are some of the most common roofing problems you may encounter:


Roof Leaks & Water Damage

Roof leaks can start off very small, and they can go on for a long time before you notice any signs of damage. There are many reasons why you might get a leak or have water damage on your roof, such as loose or missing flashing, loose or missing tile or shingle, damage to the underlayment, or gaps around vents and other roof accessories. Getting a certified roof inspection will discover these problems before they can lead to a leak and cause extensive water damage.

Ceiling & Walls Stains

Stains on your ceiling and walls are caused by water damage, which can be caused by a leak or by improper ventilation. Back-up gutters caused by ice damming or debris can also cause water to flow inside your home, leading to stained ceilings and walls. An inspection of your gutters and other roofing elements is part of a roof inspection, and it can help you identify problems early.

Peeling Or Blistering Of The Paint

Peeling or blistering paint is also a sign of moisture problems, usually because of poor ventilation in the attic area. You may need improved insulation or ventilation, or you may have a problem with your roof that is compromising energy efficiency.

Decayed, Discolored Or Cracked Roof Shingles

Shingles have a limited life span. But they don’t always announce their exit, nor do they fail right on schedule. A Poughkeepsie roof inspector will identify failing shingles through signs of decay, discoloration, cracking, and more. By replacing these shingles quickly, you can protect the overall integrity of your roof. You can also use these damaged shingles as a sign that it might be ready to start thinking about replacing your roof.

Hire a Qualified Roof Inspector In Poughkeepsie

A certified roof inspection on a regular schedule can help you keep your roof and your home safe. Call Optima Home Inspections in Poughkeepsie to schedule your next roof inspection. A qualified Poughkeepsie roof inspector will look over every aspect of your roof and give you a comprehensive report about the health of your roof and all its components. We offer a variety of other home inspections, as well, including termite inspections, sewer line inspections, and general real estate inspections. Check out our site to learn more about our other home inspection services, or contact us today to schedule a roof inspection and head off your roofing problems before they have a chance to grow.

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