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All You Need To Know About Mold Inspections

Mold & What It Can Mean When Selling Or Buying a Home In New York

Mold can be a silent menace. It could be growing behind your walls or under your floorboards without you ever realizing it. It could be creating spores that can harm your family’s health, and it could be contributing to the slow destruction of materials in your home.

You should consider getting a mold inspection as part of a new home inspection or a seller inspection, and you should definitely get a mold inspection if you notice any signs that mold may be present.

Mold & What It Can Mean When Selling Or Buying a Home In Poughkeepsie, NY

Property inspections are essential for a good home sale. If you are selling your home and mold is discovered during the inspection, it could jeopardize your sale. Or it could lead to expensive repairs that you were not counting on, cutting into your profits (which you may be relying on to purchase your next home). If you are buying a home and mold is discovered during the inspection process, you could use that as bargaining leverage to get a lower price for the house or to ask for repairs. Otherwise, you may have to walk away from the sale – which could save you thousands in potential repairs but could also cost you your earnest money.

How Do You Prepare For a Mold Inspection?

The only thing you need to do to prepare for a mold inspection is find the right inspector to do the job. Spend some time searching your area for the top home inspectors in New York. Look at the company’s credentials, and check out their reviews. You need an experienced company with a great reputation so you can be sure that you can trust the results. You don’t want mold to linger in your home while you have a false sense of safety.

Health Issues: The Dangers Of Mold In Homes

Mold can be a real problem in your home. Some mold can cause serious health reactions, including rashes, breathing problems, severe fatigue, and even seizures. But even if the type of mold you have doesn’t cause health problems, it can still be damaging to your home. It can cause the gradual breakdown of building materials, and it can create a foul smell in your home.

How Do Home Inspectors Check For Mold?

New York Home inspectors typically check for mold by looking for signs that it might be present, as well as by checking the areas where it is most likely to occur. The inspector will look around areas where there could be moisture buildup, such as around pipes, in crawlspaces, or near HVAC ducts. The inspector will use a moisture meter to find areas of buildup, and will look for signs that damaged drywall or flooring, peeling or bubbling paint, sagging boards, strange odors, and discoloration.

Contact Our Experienced Mold Inspectors in Poughkeepsie, NY

Optima Home Inspections offers mold inspectors from experienced and certified inspectors in the Poughkeepsie, New York area. We offer mold inspections individually or in conjunction with home inspections. We offer comprehensive home inspection services, including termite inspections, water testing, air quality inspections, roof inspections, sewer line scoping, radon gas testing, and more. Call us in Poughkeepsie today to schedule a consultation to learn more or to book your mold inspection or other service.




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