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Difference Between a Home Inspector & a Home Appraiser

Inspection Vs. Appraisal: How They Differ & How You Can Benefit From Both In New York

When you’re involved in the home buying process, whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you might encounter two professionals: The Poughkeepsie home inspector and the home appraiser. Since they both do some of the same work, you may be confused about the difference between the two. You may even think that you can just hire one and get all the information you need for both jobs, but this is just simply not the case. You need the authoritative information and assessment of both an experienced home inspector and home appraiser.

The goal of the home inspector and the home appraiser are entirely different, even though they may do some of the same work to achieve their different results. A home inspector is focused on finding all the issues that may exist in a home, including current issues and any problems that may emerge based on the current conditions. In contrast, a home appraiser is focused on evaluating the home to determine its overall value.

If you are buying or selling a home, a home inspection will help you understand what issues may be present with the home that could affect its value or its future maintenance. A home appraisal will help you understand a fair value to buy or sell the home.

Inspection Vs. Appraisal: How They Differ & How You Can Benefit From Both In Poughkeepsie, NY

The Role Of a Real Estate Appraiser: What Is a Property Appraisal?

A property appraisal will be essential to helping you to determine the right price at which to list your home for sale. If you are buying a home, a property appraisal will likely be required by the mortgage lender to ensure that the value of the home will appropriately back up the amount you are requesting to borrow. Home loans are secured, so the bank wants to know that it can sell your house and get back its money if you default on the loan. The property appraisal will provide that assurance.

What Does a House Inspector Do?

A home inspection is also usually required as part of the home buying process. A home inspector will look over every aspect of the house, from the foundation to the roof. The Poughkeepsie home inspector will provide information on the overall condition of the home and its major systems, including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The inspector will also provide information on things like the water heater, septic system, and other major components.

How You Can Benefit From Both a Home Appraisal & Home Inspection In Poughkeepsie

Both the home appraisal and home inspection are important parts of the home buying process in Poughkeepsie. You will get valuable information about the huge investment you are considering making. With the authoritative information from the experts on your side, you can feel confident about the purchase you are about to make. Working with a home inspector and home appraiser can also help you prepare your home for sale and assure you that you are getting the best value for your sale.

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