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Real Estate Transactions: When Should I Schedule a Home Inspection?

Guide for First-Time Home Buyers: When Does a Home Inspection Come Into Play?

Home inspections are essential tools for home buyers. The inspection looks at the accessible systems and structures in your home to determine their overall health and expected longevity. The home inspector can look at more than 200 elements of your home, from the foundation to the HVAC system to the roof.

The results of this intensive evaluation can help you understand the overall condition of a home that you are considering buying. All home buyers should make getting a home inspection a priority in the buying process – and many lenders actually require it.

Typically, a home inspection is ordered after you have made an offer on a home but before the sale has closed. It is during this due diligence period that buyers have the ability to add contingencies to their agreement or even to back out of the sale.

If a Poughkeepsie home inspection uncovers some serious problems with the home, such as a foundation that needs major repairs, the buyer may ask to have those repairs made before the sale can close or may cancel the sale. Some due diligence money may be lost, depending on the details. It’s important to talk to a real estate agent about what will be possible after making the offer.

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When Should I Call Home Inspection Services During The Buying Process?

Every person will have a different home buying process, including a different timeline and a different order of events. So, some people may order the home inspection at different points along the process. However, you should consider ordering a home inspection as early in the process as possible – preferably right after your offer has been accepted. The earlier you can get the home inspection completed, the earlier you can get comprehensive information about the home so that you can make any negotiations, if needed.

Buyer’s Inspection Contingency

When you make an offer, your real estate agent will likely counsel you to include contingencies with it. One of the most common contingencies is about the results of the Poughkeepsie home inspection. Typically, buyers will add a caveat for specific problems that may be found in the inspection, such as problems with the foundation or mold.

Adding such contingencies can give you a way to abandon the sale without facing any financial penalty. Your real estate agent will advise you about what’s possible and reasonable, and will put together the written offer that includes your contingencies.

Call Our Experienced Home Inspectors In Poughkeepsie, NY

The success of your home inspection is entirely dependent on the experience and expertise of the home inspector you hire. The professionals at Optima Home Inspections offer thorough home inspections that are backed by a warranty. We are so confident in our ability to discover all the issues that may be present in the home that we promise to buy your home for the full purchase price if we miss anything. You can feel confident in your home purchase knowing that you have all the information you need from our thorough home inspections.

We also offer other property inspections, such as sewer line inspections, termite inspections, mold inspections, roof inspections, and more. Contact us in Poughkeepsie today to schedule a home inspection or other property inspection.




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