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Water Quality Testing: Why It Is Important For Your Family’s Health

New York’s Leading Home Inspectors Explain Everything About Residential Water Testing

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust that the water coming out of your home’s faucets to be clean and safe. There are many contaminants that could be present, and you may never realize it. Your water may not have a strange color, and it may not have a strange smell, but it may still have enough contaminants to pose a threat to the health of your family. The only way to know for sure is to have the quality of your water tested by a professional home inspector in Poughkeepsie.

The Importance Of Water Quality Testing In Poughkeepsie, NY

Don’t try to test your water yourself. Always hire the experienced professionals to perform this important home inspection. Only the professionals know how to take a proper sample, how to use the right tests, and how to appropriately measure the results. Many New York home inspectors provide water quality testing as part of their services. It can be included with a home inspection as an add-on service, or it can be ordered separately. The professionals will explain to you every step of the process and answer all the questions you have about what is being tested and why.

What Is Water Testing?

Water testing is a process by which the level of contaminants and other matter is measured in water. Your water is always going to have some level of minerals or other things in it, but these should be at safe levels. Water testing determines the level of sediment, mineral, bacteria, viruses, and other items in your water to determine if the levels are safe. (Sometimes, any amount of certain substances is unsafe.) Water testing includes physical, chemical, and radiological substances.

Common Water Contaminants & Problems

You may be surprised to learn what could be lurking in your water. Some of the common contaminants found by water testing include: 

  • Arsenic, which occurs naturally in rock and can build up in groundwater
  • Fluoride, which is beneficial in small quantities, but poses serious health threats in large quantities
  • Bacteria, including E. coli
  • Lead, which often gets into the water through plumbing
  • Calcium and magnesium, which may not threaten your health but can wreak havoc on your plumbing
  • Nitrates

Water testing will learn whether these or other contaminants are present, and at what levels.

How To Test Your Tap Water

There are plenty of DIY kits that you can buy to test your own water. However, you need to hire professional home inspection services in Poughkeepsie to ensure that you are getting accurate results. Testing requires a delicate balance of skill and knowledge to get it just right. You shouldn’t risk the false confidence that negative results can give you. Make sure your home and your family are properly protected, and hire the professionals to do the job.

Contact Professional Home Inspection Services For Water Quality Testing In Poughkeepsie

Optima Home Inspections offers water testing in addition to our real estate inspections in Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area. We are trusted professionals who have been serving the Poughkeepsie area for decades, and we guarantee our results. We offer comprehensive water testing, in addition to other home inspections and tests, including air quality testing, radon gas testing, sewer line scoping, and roof inspections. Our real estate inspections can cover every aspect of your home. Call us in Poughkeepsie to schedule your water testing or another property inspection.




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