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What To Expect From Your First Energy Audit In New York

Home Energy Assessments: An Opportunity To Learn How To Lower Your Utility Bill

Although energy audits have been established for some time now, most homeowners don’t often think about them in terms of something they need for their home. In reality, they are crucial for assessing the energy efficiency of your home, and finding ways to improve air flow, sealing gaps, and ultimately lowering your energy and utility bills significantly.

With help from a home inspection agent in New York, auditing your home to improve how it functions as a whole can not only save you money in the long run, but also help reduce your carbon footprint.

A Certified Home Energy Inspector In Poughkeepsie, NY

A home energy audit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a thorough assessment of your home energy usage, and it provides homeowners with an opportunity to learn how they can lower their utility bill by locating problem areas, upgrading appliances, and making other changes around the home that have contributed to energy waste.

It’s a chance to get information on the areas of your home that require the most attention and create the least amount of efficiency. With a home energy assessment, your home inspector will provide you with a detailed energy report that will help you understand areas of waste, and how you can reduce costs and improve comfort.

Steps A Professional Energy Inspector Follows For A Thorough Home Energy Audit

The first step to a professional energy audit includes a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home, followed by a discussion with the homeowner to determine any areas of concern that they may be aware of. Drafty areas, hot or cold spots, musty smells that may be linked to mold or mildew, and more.

Next, appliances and other equipment will be inspected to determine the condition they are in, their safety, and efficiency. If you have trouble with our energy bills, an energy audit can be beneficial to determine problem areas and locate any appliances that may be contributing to costly bills.

Other elements a home inspector will check during an energy assessment include:

Looking Through Your Past Bills To Determine Your Energy Usage

Homeowners should ensure that they have at least 12 months of bills available to provide for the home inspection agent. Your New York home energy inspector will analyze your bills, helping them to pinpoint problem appliances that are prone to wasteful energy consumption.

A Detailed Inspection Of Your HVAC Systems, Lighting, etc.

Ensuring that your HVAC system and ventilation doesn’t suffer from leakage is essential to keeping your home running efficiently.

The Blower Door Test To Easily Locate Air Leaks

A blower door test consists of fans and pressure gauges to determine leakage passageways, cracks, and gaps in your home that may be creating difficulties for your home cooling and heating systems. Locating these areas will help determine primary points of concern and where sealing should be considered.

Learning From An Energy Audit: Options To Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

As a licensed home inspection company in Poughkeepsie, Optima Home Inspections provides home energy audits for buyers, sellers, and homeowners throughout New York. With a detailed home energy report, you can reduce energy consumption and costs by transforming your home with environmentally friendly energy improvements.

Optima Home Inspections has a Certified Home Energy Inspector who is committed to helping homeowners increase the comfort of their home while reducing energy and utility costs for the ultimate savings. To schedule your home energy audit with our New York home inspection company, contact us at (845) 210-9930.




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