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Why Hire Professionals to Detect Termites?

A termite infestation can cause severe damage to properties when left unchecked. Such damage is easy to spot as long as you know what to look for. Here Optima Home Inspections shares the signs for which to keep an eye out.

Wood Floor Blisters

One of the most common areas where you’ll find termite nests is in flooring. A termite Inspection expert should always look at your flooring during the first inspection, as floor blisters can often be overlooked.

Termite Swarm Sightings

One sign that your household hosts a termite nest is the presence of termite wings on several household entryways. These are fairly straightforward to distinguish, and a large volume of them confirms a nest.

Hollow Wood Materials

You may discover hollow wood materials in your household. This is the most prominent and critical evidence of a termite infestation that you pprobably don’t want to disregard. Cellulose is the main point on why termites leave different types of hollow, as they’re always on the hunt for more. Grooves contain this cellulose, and it’s hazardous when termites feed on them for a long time.

Termite Excrement

A common termite type that can be found anywhere is dry wood termites. Their primary diet is their namesake, which also means that their excrement is almost identical to dry wood. If you see pellet-sized droppings of this excrement, then it’s time to call in an expert to exterminate these unwelcome guests.

Professional Inspections Are Needed

Termite infestations don’t always provide visual evidence, so even if you think you’re safe from them it pays to be safe. Professional  termite inspections allow homeowners to discover and deal with advanced termite infestation problems quickly.

If you want to get your household tested for a termite infestation, Optima Home Inspections can help. We also offer radon testing services. Call us at (845) 849-1369 or fill out our online contact form for a consultation.