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    Our High-Quality Poughkeepsie

    Home Inspection Services

    Real estate transactions are among some of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and you should have all the information at your disposal before making the leap. Using our expertise in handling inspections throughout New York, our Poughkeepsie property inspectors are able to provide detailed, thorough inspection reports to ensure that no stone is left unturned. From air quality testing to roof inspections, we do it right the first time, every time.

    Home Air Quality Testing

    Home Air

    Quality Testing

    Radon Inspection



    Asbestos Testing



    Mold Inspection & Testing


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    Line Scoping

    Termite Inspection



    Water Inspection



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    Home Inspection Company

    If you are looking to buy or sell a home in New York, trust Poughkeepsie’s leading real estate inspection company to give you thorough inspections and detailed reports for buyers, sellers, foreclosures, first-time home buyers, and much more. Proudly serving clients throughout New York, Optima Home Inspections offers a service guarantee on all inspections!

    Convenient House Inspections For First-Time Home Buyers & Sellers
    Top-Rated New Construction Phase Inspections
    Certified Inspectors, Reliable Testing & Detailed Reports
    Home Inspection Company

    Fully Warranted & Certified Poughkeepsie Home Inspections

    Committed to providing unparalleled insights into your home with our certified Poughkeepsie property inspections, we also offer fully warrantied home, sewer, radon, and mold inspections. We go above and beyond the New York State requirements to ensure that every hidden issue is uncovered and that you get the ultimate safety and peace of mind with our inspections. To get a free estimate or to learn more, contact us today!

    100-Day Limited Home Warranty

    Mechanical system


    Appliances, Furnace

    Plumbing, Electrical and more...

    Automatically included with every home inspection we perform

    100-Day Limited Home Warranty

    Protection from radon levels increasing to 4.0 pCi/L or above

    Automatically included with every Radon inspection we perform

    100-Day Limited Home Warranty

    Protection from future line breaks & collapses within the main sewer line of the home

    Automatically included with every sewerinspection we perform

    100-Day Limited Home Warranty

    Protection from new visible mold developing inside the home

    Automatically included with every mold inspection we perform

    Why we partner with Recall Alert

    Why do we partner

    Why we partner with Recall Alert for life

    We feel it’s important to help protect our clients long after the sale

    This indivaluable service checks all major appliances for manufacturer recalls, and provides lifetime monitoring vía email to protect you and your family from dangerous conditions.

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    Moving to a new home with Septic tanks and Wells was completely different for my family coming from our home in The Bronx ... Rob was great and very detailed in explaining all the things I needed to know and what to expect in the report when it comes. Rob absolutely went above and beyond in making sure my family and I understood everything that was explained. And weeks after my home inspection, he has made himself available to answer any questions I have.

    I didn’t think that a home inspection was so important, 100% recommended!

    Aaron H.
    Poughkeepsie, NY

    Richard S Poughkeepsie NY

    Highly recommend! We have worked with multiple home inspectors within Dutchess County and they are by far the most thorough and expeditious of them all.

    Antonia M. ★★★★★

    Rob is professional,knowledgeable and his work is impressive. We are very pleased with the amount of information he provided in his report. Thank you for assisting us through our first home inspection.

    Cynthia R. ★★★★★

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