Is An Energy Audit Necessary For a New Home?

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The Importance Of Energy Assessments For First-Time Homebuyers

Your home’s energy costs can be among the biggest expenses for home maintenance. The more extreme a climate is, such as in Poughkeepsie, the more you will spend on heating or cooling your home. (Here, we deal with harsh winters, so the heating costs are more of an issue.) But simply turning the thermostat up or down may not be enough to keep your costs down. You really need a professional energy audit to figure out where your home is failing in its energy efficiency.

Getting an energy audit is especially important for first-time homebuyers. Serious hidden issues may be lurking with the new home, and you may not have the experience that comes with previous home ownership to help you spot potential issues. You won’t know from looking at it if the roof has problems. It’s not always obvious by walking through the house that the insulation is insufficient. There are dozens of hidden problems that could be costing you money on energy costs.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a certified energy auditor to assess your home:


Reduce Your Energy Costs & Help The Environment

The most important benefit of a home energy assessment is that it can save you money. You will learn all the ways that your home is leaking energy, and you will receive recommendations for repairs or upgrades you can make. If you make the recommended changes, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money each month, which will add up significantly over time. By saving energy, you not only save money; you also reduce your home’s environmental footprint, which helps everyone.

Identify Lack Of Insulation & Air Leaks

You can’t see behind the walls, so you may not realize that the insulation isn’t protecting all the areas the way it should or that it has become worn or damaged. A home energy audit will discover problems with the insulation so that you can make the corrections and enjoy a comfortable and consistent temperature inside your home.

The energy audit will also identify air leaks, which you will not be able to identify yourself. There are so many places that your home can develop tiny cracks and gaps that can compromise its overall energy efficiency. The auditor will find any of these leaks that are contributing to reduced energy efficiency so that you can take corrective measures.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient & Hire a Professional Home Inspector In Poughkeepsie

Small changes can add up to big savings when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. Call the Poughkeepsie energy auditors at Optima Home Inspections today to schedule an energy assessment before you agree to purchase a new home. You’ll get valuable information about the home’s true condition so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase, or so you can decide to make upgrades to ensure optimal energy efficiency when you move into your new home. We offer a variety of home inspections, including general property inspections, roof inspections, termite inspections, and sewer line inspections. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Poughkeepsie home inspector for an energy audit or another inspection.

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