4 Sewer Problems That Only a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Find

An inspector using sewer camera to locate sewer line defects

The Importance Of Getting a Sewer Line Inspection In New York

When you buy a new home, you will likely get an overall home inspection, as well as a few, more specific inspections. You may get a termite inspection, a mold inspection, or a roof inspection, for example. One inspection that will be critical to ensuring that you are buying a great home with properly operating structures and systems is the septic, or sewer line, inspection.

Your sewer line is responsible for taking away the waste from your home and keeping the area healthy and hygienic. If your sewer line is damaged or experiencing other problems, the water and waste can become backed up and flood into your home. Or the water and waste can get stuck in place, leading to a proliferation of bacteria and other harmful materials.

A sewer line inspection will let you know that the system is working properly for the health of your family and the protection of your home.


Common Problems Your Sewer Line Inspector Can Find

There are a lot of problems that a sewer line inspector can find with a sewer line camera rather than with a basic visual examination. The camera can go deep into the line, providing a closer look at what’s going on in the line. Some of the most common problems discovered during a sewer camera inspection include:

A Clogged Sewer Line

“Flushable” wipes, items your kids flush down the toilet, and more can all clog up your sewer lines, creating poor drainage and putting stress on the system. You may not notice the problem if the water in your home is still draining. Yet the clog can put pressure on the pipes that can cause them to crack or burst. The sewer camera will find that clog so you can have it cleared before it causes a major (and expensive) issue.

Tree Roots That Have Gotten In Your Sewer Line

Trees can grow their roots very far from their trunks. You may not think that tree roots are a threat, but they could slowly be creeping their way toward your sewage line. Eventually, they can even start growing into your system. The roots can also cause the pipes to bend, buckle and clog. With a Poughkeepsie camera line inspection, you can learn if roots have punctured the line or if there are bulges or other issues that can lead to even bigger problems later.

A Cracked Sewer Pipe

Hairline cracks can form over time, but you wouldn’t know that they are there. You’ll only learn that there’s a problem with the cracks deepening and widening, resulting in pipe failure and expensive repairs. A sewer camera inspection can discover these hairline cracks so that they can be addressed before the problem becomes bigger.

Grease In The Sewer Line

Pouring grease down drains can quickly clog up a sewer line, leading to the same problems that other blockages cause. A sewer camera inspection will find the accumulation of grease before it has a chance to cause a major problem.

Contact Sewer Line Inspection Professionals In Poughkeepsie

Optima Home Inspections offers thorough sewer line inspections using a specialized camera to help you get all the information you need about the health of your sewer lines. You can get the inspection for a home you are considering buying, or you can get it to check in on the health of your system and make any repairs or maintenance that are needed before big problems start. Contact us in Poughkeepsie today to schedule a consultation to learn more or to book your inspection or other service.

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