How Often Should I Test My Home For Radon?

Radon gas can effect the health of your lungs.

Radon Gas Testing: How To Know If You Have Radon In Your New Home

Radon is naturally occurring within the earth’s core.  Uranium is the key element that then changes into Radon gas. Radon is naturally found in soil and rocks and can leak into the groundwater we use for drinking too. As you run your tap water the gas escapes and may contribute to a higher air level within your home.  At this time the EPA  has not set safety levels for Radon in water. When Radon enters the home from the ground it enters through cracks and penetrations in your foundation, cement floor, or dirt floor. It then gets trapped within the home and levels rise. High levels of exposure over time potentially poison your family and pets putting them at risk of lung cancer and other ailments.

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoking. You should plan to get radon testing for your home regularly to ensure that your family is safe. More information can be found on the EPA website

Without professional radon testing, you would never know if this harmful gas is present because it does not have a smell, color, or even a flavor to announce itself. Your home can appear safe, and everyone in it can appear healthy – until they’re not. Hiring a professional Poughkeepsie radon gas tester is the only way to know what is truly happening in your home to ensure that it is safe for everyone.

Hire a Hudson Valley Radon Gas Tester Every Two Years

If you had radon testing performed and found that there are low levels of gas present, don’t assume that your home is safe forever. The earth’s crust and soil regularly move and can change the radon levels in your home. It is always better to hire a professional to test your home every two years to keep current and safe.

Radon Levels Change Over Time

Radon levels can change from day to day in your home. Some causes are wind, air pressure, and frozen or saturated soil. Appliances such as fireplaces, clothes dryers, and furnaces can pull air out of the home and replace it with radon-containing air. Most homes won’t see changes in levels quickly. Instead, the gas will build up over time with natural processes. This is why longer testing periods provide a better overall picture. When buying a home and having a test it may not be accurate as typically it is a 2-7 day test providing a brief snapshot in time. EPA recommends a two-year schedule for your testing. This will offer peace of mind that your family is protected and safe.

Home Renovations: Structural Changes Or Foundation Repairs

Home renovations can cause changes in the ground under or around your home, which may cause radon levels to become elevated. You should plan to get radon testing any time you perform home renovations.  Particularly if you make any structural changes or repairs to your foundation finish your basement, foam insulating, replacing windows, etc. These types of jobs are most likely to cause radon changes in your home. Please follow up with testing to ensure that your home remains safe.

Buying a New Home: Know The Quality Of Your House

It’s recommended that you order a radon test when you move into a new home (or even if you have a new home built). Including radon testing with your Poughkeepsie home inspection to ensure that you have all the information about your new home. You can put mitigation efforts into place if you find that levels are unsafe.

Contact a Radon Tester Or Home Inspector In Poughkeepsie, NY

There’s no way of being certain what harmful elements may be lurking in your home without the assistance of a trained professional who knows what to look for and how to resolve issues. Call Optima Home Inspections in Poughkeepsie today to schedule a certified radon gas test for your home. We offer radon gas detection in addition to a variety of other home inspection services, including real estate inspections, and mold testing. termite inspections, roof inspections, and sewer line inspections. Contact us in Poughkeepsie today to schedule professional radon testing or another home inspection. Call now at 845-849-1369 or schedule online

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